40 Celebrities That Actually Look Worse After A Plastic Surgery Than Before


Celebrities are always trying to do something with their appearance that will make them look younger. There are those who do minor interventions that just give a healthy glow and boost to the face, but there are also those who looks like there are never leaving the office of the plastic surgeon. Many of the second group today look nothing like before. Their face is so different, and the corrections have ruined the somehow beautiful and natural look they used to have. Here are the top 40 worst plastic surgery results done on celebrities:

Donatella Versace


The successor of the famous Italian luxury house Versace looks like a monster. And she really does. Since the ‘90s, she started doing cosmetic surgeries that have lead to the look she has today, at 54 years age. A surgery after a surgery has made her look like a wax figure, with the most significant swelling on the nose and lips. Her skin is also very weird, some might even say artificial and she really does not look. As many have said, she most probably is not happy with her look but the damage is clearly beyond repairable. She is a friend of many celebrities and they love her for the was she is, but looks are nothing close to loveably and good to the eyes.

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