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Mech Arena BASICS Beginner’s Guide

What is up everybody we are  getting into a new series that i like to call Mech Arena basics now this is mostly for new people so if you’re new to the game welcome i’m assuming we have a good amount of new people here with the  recent global release but um yeah if you are new  to the game you’re probably getting into stuff  but yeah if you look at our our progress path up here at the top this thing is huge and this is  where you get all your mechs all your weapons and this thing can be pretty overwhelming to somebody  at first if you have no idea what you’re doing so i wanted to start a basic series that’s gonna help  you through some of this stuff um as you get used to the game and i wanted to start by looking  at each of the mechs now this is just gonna be a quick snapshot of each mech

Mech Arena
Mech Arena

How to Use tank in Mech Arena




first up we have paragon which is the mech you  start with and you get for free which is nice he can get max energy up to 32 which is cool and  he has a pretty useful ability which lets him get around the battlefield much quicker a lot consider  him to be a jack of all trades which also could mean he’s a master of none and as you unlock other  mechs you might find they specialize in certain roles better than he does but that doesn’t mean  he’s not useful overall he’s still pretty decent for anyone’s arsenal




next up we got lancer if you want to scout the area out and you want to be able to get all over the place with awesome jump jets  lancer is your dude he’s a super mobile mech and  he’s got some decent stats for being one of those mobile mechs quite honestly but he is a light mech and this is always something that plagues  the light mechs they all have uh low energy and they’re very expensive to upgrade so sometimes  people don’t really want to do that but you’ll find that pattern is true for all the light  mechs so you definitely want to consider that but if you like a mobile guy he is a great option  a lot of fun to play with for sure




next up we got  the beastly juggernaut juggernaut is your verytraditional tank this guy has a boatload of hp in fact with his hp shield it is the highest in  the game his shield also fully covers his body so he is a beast to deal with for sure however  all that comes at a cost he is a really slow mech so you’re going to want to be able to get in  certain positions he’s more of a defensive tank more traditional in that sense but he is a great  one if you love to brawl and have a tanky body


next up we got panther and this is one of my favourite mechs because he just does a lot of  damage this guy has high energy the highest you can get in the game and he has a really useful ability you’ll find that panther actually does not  have a whole lot of health he’s pretty fragile so his ability that protects him and his teammates  the stasis barrier is super nice it blocks enemy fire lets you fire through it and if they try  to walk through it it’ll slow down your enemies so it’s really useful protecting you and your  team especially because your body is so weak but really good mech


another really good mech in this  game probably considered one of the best mechs is killshot this is the fastest mech in the game  with his dash ability and he is super strong super aggressive he does great damage and his ability  also does damage a chunk of it if you run into enemies so uh super strong mech but he is one that  doesn’t have a whole lot of defenses doesn’t have shields or anything and his hp is not too high so  he’s a bit of a glass cannon but he is still one that is ferocious really good mac super useful  in a lot of areas


the doctor is in that’s right we got md next and that stands for mech doctor and as you guessed it he is the healing mech in the game when he uses his ability he will heal  himself and teammates around him within 30 meters so it’s pretty nice support role he actually has  pretty good hp and because of his ability he has nice survivability overall which is great but  the downside is that he is a light mech so he has low energy and he’s expensive to upgrade plus  if the enemy fires at him while he’s healing it will cancel out his healing ability so you  want to make sure you protect him


next up we have the monstrous guardian who has high hp  and the highest energy you can get in the game he has a very useful ability to which can be  used offensively or defensively if you use it on your enemies you will put their ability and  their weapons on cooldown and if you use it on your teammates it will take any bad or frozen like  stasis effects off of them the downside to this guy is that he is pretty slow and doesn’t really  have any defences and his ability has a very limited range but honestly despite those kind of  shortcomings he is a super good mech very useful in a lot of places


if you like being sneaky shadow is probably gonna be your mech of choice this mech  is really cool in that he has a stealth ability so  that means he won’t show up on enemy radar when he uses this ability and they won’t be able to target  him he’s also really fast and when he uses ability it makes him even faster so he’s really good at  getting around and messing with the enemy being quite a pain for them to deal with the problem is  that he has low hp actually the lowest hp class in the game so you want to be very careful with  him because he’s pretty darn frail he’s also a light mech which means once again he’s gonna be  low on an energy side and expensive to upgrade but i mean if you like that sneaky style this guy  is definitely for you


got another tank for you this time we’re looking at ares who is more of an  offensive tank because he has a huge shield that’s  in the front and one that is wide enough to cover  you and teammates so it allows you and your team to push in on the enemy for like an alpha  strike so he’s really good at that kind of stuff he is fairly slow a little bit faster than the  juggernaut but um he is more vulnerable to side and back shots because his shield only covers the  front as well as rocket mortar fire and javelin  so you want to watch out for that but overall a really nice offensive tank


next we have more of a support damage type class in cheetah this guy is more about area denial or zoning control because he can drop mines for the enemy these  actually have some pretty good damage potential if you can get enemies to walk into them um but  he otherwise doesn’t have great stats he’s pretty low in health the speed isn’t great and he’s a  light mech which means that he’s got low energy and he’s fairly expensive to upgrade but if you  like to get into this style of zoning control  cheating can be very nice for that


next up we  have the deadly zephyr now i really like playing  this guy it’s a lot of fun if you want to lock  down your enemies and just take them out zephyr  is definitely your man this is an ambusher mech  you want to try to get your enemies in a certain  position freeze them and then take them out this  can be especially damaging if you can get inside or back damage and take them out while they’re  helpless for sure really good at doing that the problem is if you don’t take out your enemy  within that window this guy has low hp and when the enemy retaliates they’ll probably take them  out so you want to make sure you get in that window of 30 meters to use your ability and take  them out fast but if you can it is very good


next up we got redox and this guy is all about the damage he has the max energy you can get and he has a damaging ability which will slowly whittle away at your opponent as well as slow them down so he likes to his opponent and just beat on them pretty  quickly the problem is that he has low  hp and low speed so he is a glass cannon  he’s also pretty expensive to get if you want  to get him so you want to keep that in mind but if you really like to do that style of play  he can actually be a pretty good option for it



next up we got the surge and much like zephyr  this guy likes to freeze his enemies in place  but he does it a little differently he actually  dashes at them and freezes them in place so he’s a little more aggressive in his ambushing  style but he pays for that because he is pretty slow and he is low hp like lowest hp much  like shadow so you got to be careful with  this guy but if you can position yourself on  your enemies you can be very deadly with him


here comes the big boy we got brickhouse next if  aries is an offensive tank brickhouse is just a monster this guy will boost his damage and his  teammates to pretty insane levels to just beat on the enemy really good at that he does have  good hp but not as good as ares or juggernaut  so he is a more support tank he also has a really  big body so he’s a big target you definitely want to protect him a little for the team overall or  maybe have md to back him up but overall a pretty brutal tank


and last up we got the newest mech this is arachnos a spider mech which has a cool little turret that will also help him this guy is about zoning and defines really nice for that style of play similar to kind of like cheetah with zoning but this guy uses a turret to do it instead  of mines the problem is that like brickhouse he  has a pretty good size frame but he is quite a bit squishier and slow too so you’re gonna need  to watch out and protect him but if you like zoning control and all that kind of stuff  he can be pretty nice for that style of play

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