Top 50: Action Movies All time time


hello guys and welcome back to the once again and we are starting a new series on my site uh this is top 50 and I’m going to be doing my top 50 of different genres and different styles of movies let’s get started because we’ve got 50 movies to get through and starting with number

50: Extraction

so this is a movie released on Netflix last year and it’s quickly become a staple action movie i love this movie Chris Hemsworth’s great is directed by the Russo brothers who did avengers end game and I I just adore the movie there are some clear issues with it hence why it’s not higher in my list but it’s fun it’s explosive and it’s just a good time it’s one of Netflix’s best movies and I just can’t wait to see what they do with it because it looks like we’re going to get a sequel at some point it definitely leaves it up for it and uh yeah some great performances some great action sequences good cinematography and great fight scenes reminiscent of john wick

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