whatsapp web : How To Use Whatsapp Web Full Guide 2022


Whatsapp Web is a modern, free web browser for using your WhatsApp online account from your computer. It lets you chat with folks in WhatsApp on your desktop, instead of on their phone. This is the best way to stay in touch with your loved ones while on the move. Whatsapp Web is just an add-on extension of the popular WhatsApp mobile app. Just download the whatsapp web app, login with your account and start chatting! ,zap web,wa web,ватсап веб

Apart from desktop and laptop usage, whatsapp web offers a great deal of convenience when connecting with friends and family residing outside your area via a smartphone. If you are staying in a place that does not support internet, then you will have to use your cellphone instead. This poses several problems, especially for group chats. You have to share files via Bluetooth 3G, which is a fairly expensive option. When you are away from your home and yet need to connect with your group, there is no other better option than the whatsapp web browser. You can easily access your files and chat with your folks without any difficulties.

The whatsapp web browser is supported by every Android devices running on Kit Kat 4.4 or higher. The browser is extremely easy to install, as it comes with a handy ‘instant’ installer that helps you get started right away. You can immediately begin using the app without any hassles whatsoever. The instant installation enables you to use all of the features right away without any issues. You get to choose which settings you would like to keep, such as whether or not to display the weather, bookmarks and so forth.

You can also use your keyboard to scan codes, which is highly useful for group chats. To scan a whatsapp web code, just touch the send button and use the keyboard’s arrow keys to scan. This lets you share your code easily using your keyboard.

There are some useful tips that you will find useful while using whatsapp web browsing. Firstly, when you open a new message, you get to see the words ‘new’, ‘read’ and ‘sent’. If you tap on the word ‘read’ or click on any other text, you will be taken to read the message. You can also touch any other icons like the one to the left of the words, which will bring out the compose option. Apart from this, there are many other options available like the keyboard shortcut, the camera and image options and so forth.

If you want to know how to scan a whatsapp web code, all you have to do is touch the scan icon. This will automatically take you to the message sender’s web page. You can also use the keyboard’s arrow keys to browse through the text and view all the details of the message sender. In case, if you do not understand anything after scanning the message, you can always ask for assistance from a support agent. Even if you are using a third-party messaging application, you will not run into any difficulty using the functions provided by master web.

How To Download and Install Whatsapp in Pc or Mac

yes you can download whatsapp in your pc or laptop its is very simple to download

Step 1 Go to This Webiste  Whatspp Download For Pc

Whatsapp web download
whatsapp webs download


Step 2 : After the Download complete Run the softer after run its open like this


Setp 3 : Open whatsapp On Your Phone than tap Menu  or Settings and select Linked Devices

Setp 4 : Point Your Phone to this screen To capture The code and your whatsapp working on your pc or mac


Where Is My WhatsApp QR Code

Open your Whatsapp On Your Phone Than Tap on Three Dots, Tap on stettings and Further Tap on QR Icon, whitch is there next to your name Now Your will see Your Personal QR code on the screen

Is Whatsapp desktop a whatsapp web app

yes Whatsapp desktop have web app There are two ways you can use your whatsapp on your computer ,one step is go to web.whatsapp.com    a browser based of whatsapp you can you this on google chrome, step two you can download the whatsapp web app for the website and use it

can i login to whatsapp web without scanning the QR code

No you cant login in ther whatsapp web without scanning the QR code


can i use Whatsapp on laptop without Phone

Using WhatsApp on computer requires users to have WhatsApp installed on their phone and the device must also have an active internet connection. With the new feature, users will just have to log-in to WhatsApp Web and they will be able to receive and send messages through PC without needing their phone.




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